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Sergio Carracedo

Sergio Carracedo

Instagram RGB Project

Instagram RGB Project

Instagram RGB Project

This is my first post in English. I joined a team whose main language is English and I need to improve it 😞

I will start writing about non-technical topics, in this case about my 3 public Instagram accounts.


About 3 years ago, in 2016, I decided to create an Instagram account only for red things pictures because I thought in the global visual effect in the account profile page. This is the effect I am talking about:


This is that account


In August of this year I created another account with same concept, but for green things:


And a few days later, I completed the RGB project creating the blue one:


In the beginning I thought that taking pictures based on a single color would be easy but I was wrong. Taking pictures is complicated, maybe the red are the easiest, and blue ones the hardest, always with the constraint of not repeating topic.

There are a lot of blue ones if you think of the sea and the skies, but all those pictures would be similar.

If you like this idea (different Instagram accounts based in color), please follow them:

Red: Green: Blue: