My favorite YouTube Channels 2020

June 02, 2020

In 2018, I did a list of my favourite YouTube Channels (Spanish), almost 2 years pass after this post and on this time I start to watch new channels and remove or watch less other channels.

This year I classified the videos by topic (as I did last year), and I added an emoji code:

Favorite channel. I usually watch most videos.
Very interesting
🔥 Some videos are very interesting

This is the updated list:

Travel / Culture / World:

  • Nekojitablog [ES] This channel is hosted by a Japanise woman an his Spanish husband. Thay talk about Japan culture, places, etc. An interesting point of view
  • Jabiertzo [ES] A couple of Chinese and Spanish talking about china.
  • Ter Sometimes talks about architecture.

Engineering / Science




Racing / Simracing / Cars

Humor / Entertainment

Programming / Communities

Win / Fails / Zapping

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